Causas a ponderar antes de redesenhar ou reprojetar um web-site

Seu 2018 e você fez algumas resoluções. Você precisa do seu site para realizar as recompensas. Este artigo será mais eficiente para empresas que tenham um empreendimento baseado na web ou um portal. Isso soa familiar: Um. Temos 1 site e gastamos muito dinheiro, contudo é demasiado desajeitado. Dois. Nos serviu bem quando tínhamos um […]

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Surprise your employee by doing the unexpected!

When it comes to workplace happiness, even the smallest of things make a difference. Whether you’re recruiting candidates, welcoming new hires, engaging existing employees or saying farewell to the retirees, one way to keep your employees happy is to create a great employee experience for every situation. These small and unexpected surprises make a difference […]

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Time to diversify the workplace

A father and his son are in a car accident. Tragically, the father dies at the scene; the son needs a surgery and is rushed to the hospital. At the hospital, the surgeon looks at the boy and says “I can’t operate, he is my son.” Errr..How can this be? Still can’t figure out? Here’s […]

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Building friendships at your workplace

We meet them every day, we greet them every day, we eat with them every day and spend at least 8 hours with them every day. Yet, how many people actually find friendship in a co-worker relationship? Have you ever wondered how many employees are friends at your organization? Although being friends with other employees […]

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Let the sunshine bright at your workplace!

Designer and taste-maker Melanie Falvey writes in Thrive Global that creating the perfect environment at your office is fundamental for you to start thriving, being happier, more focused and relaxed. According to Melanie, beautiful surroundings make us happier, more creative and productive. So if our surrounding is one of the factors that make employees happy, […]

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When you’re prepared to make a major purchase like on car or a house this income will get to handy.

Any composition should offer an efficient investigation of the area in issue. Specially it is an important part of the article whenever you’re writing an academic essay. University documents writing need tons of research and it’s the exact same with School degree documents. One should to stay to basic strategy so far as excellent composition […]

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Is organization culture really important?

While unemployment has hit an all-time low in countries all over the world, organizations are struggling to keep their employees happy, engaged and dedicated towards their work. Maintaining an organizational culture that is best suited to keep workplace happiness present is a tough challenged faced by many. But first things first. What is organization culture? […]

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Forget celebrities. Make your employees your brand ambassadors!

Ever heard anyone boast about their workplaces? Well, employees from the upcoming organizations certainly do. While we all know that happy employees are more productive, creative and highly engaged, there is one another major reason we always forget to miss. Happy employees are credible and the most authoritative brand ambassadors for your organization. They tend […]

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Elderly people: your key to happier employees

Walk into any big organization, and the first thing you’ll notice is offices and compartments filled with young men and women. Find something odd here? Today, organizations focus mainly on recruiting young talent and put in efforts to make their workplaces appealing to a certain age group. Children’s background with hammocks, bean bags, beer parties […]

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Can money buy happiness in a workplace?

Money can’t buy happiness. But does the same apply in workplaces? While, the modest of you all can say no, but deep within we all know the importance of money in creating a great employee experience. You can neither provide refreshments without money. Nor can you afford to offer perks, give promotions, support collaborations, increase […]

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