5 ways to help Generation Y find happiness at work

By 2020 Generation Y is calculated to form 46 percent of the global workforce. Which means that in two years time young adults born between 1979 and 2000 will be presenting nearly a half of all the people in the workplaces. This is a generation that is said to “rock the boat” at work as […]

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The power of Employee Engagement

According to this Gallup study, only 15% of the worldwide workforce is engaged. It’s quite obvious that as long as an employee is not engaged with his work, he’s not going to be loyal to your organization. Which means, that it’s very likely for an employee to suddenly quit a job if he has been […]

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Role of Communication in Workplace Happiness

Often times topics like “communication” and “collaboration” in an organization are overshadowed by “employee engagement” and “happiness”. But it has been found that workplace communication has a variety of advantages starting from higher workers productivity, higher job satisfaction, lower absenteeism, to increased turnover rates. According to a Gallup study, communication is often the basis of […]

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Are you measuring your employee’s happiness?

Did you know that a good access to tea/coffee in an organization has a direct impact on the overall happiness at a workplace? Conversely, spending a few dollars of fruits/chocolates per day can actually increase the productivity level by almost 20%. Well; we didn’t know. And, when we did come to know, we realized one […]

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