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When it comes to workplace happiness, even the smallest of things make a difference. Whether you’re recruiting candidates, welcoming new hires, engaging existing employees or saying farewell to the retirees, one way to keep your employees happy is to create a great employee experience for every situation. These small and unexpected surprises make a difference in triggering an emotion that makes for a very fond memory.
According to the Glassdoor survey, one form of appreciation employees want from employers include unexpected treats and rewards (e.g., snacks, lunches, dinners, thank you notes).
Here’s a list of certain things you can do that will leave one go “WOW! Now that was unexpected!” :
Create great candidate experience: When new candidates for certain vacancies show up at the interview scene, you give them a great experience through the way you communicate, through the way you make them feel and the way you treat them. That is what a lot of recruiters are doing today. But, How can YOU be different?
How can you create a memorable experience for candidates? There are small things that matter and one guaranteed way to ‘wow’ your candidates is to surprise them with a small ‘thank you for coming in’ gift bag. Whether hired or not, they’re going to remember you forever!
Greet your new hires with a welcome kit. Make it a part of your corporate tradition to give new employees a sense of the vibe at their new place of employment, while also making the employee feel special and expected. One such way to do this is by welcoming them with some goodies. Uber does the same and welcomes the new hires with a hoody, a baseball cap, a black Uber mug, notepad, stationery, and more. They also send their new drivers a pretty cool care package which includes Uber Driver Guide, an accessory kit, a phone and a small welcome card.
Engage your employee with constant corporate gifts /rewards: Make them feel special by celebrating their milestones, say ‘thank you’ for great work done or for going the extra mile. Also, give them corporate gifts just because.
Small presents/rewards have an important role to play when we are talking about workplace happiness. For instance, it has been found in a study that mere two dollars per person on fruit and chocolate will raise productivity by almost 20%.
You can also promote peer to peer recognition so that colleagues can reward each other with small gifts when their team members have done something great for them. Likewise, you should also educate your managers to say thank you to their people when they have done a good job.
Recognizing and rewarding your employees effectively is crucial to retaining top talent and keeping employees happy. SnakcNation has, for instance, created a list of 121 ways to reward employees that you can easily implement at your office.
Make farewell presents for your employees on their last day of work: Never let your employee leave your organization empty-handed. Throw them a goodbye party and give some small presents like chocolate, flowers, or a company gift card. These people are your organization’s most trusted ambassadors so make sure you bid him a memorable goodbye!
Have you ever felt overwhelmed by receiving/delivering any such surprises? Do share the stories in the comment below!
By: Helo Tamme, Author at Workplace Happiness. Edited by Happiitude

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