Time to diversify the workplace

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A father and his son are in a car accident. Tragically, the father dies at the scene; the son needs a surgery and is rushed to the hospital. At the hospital, the surgeon looks at the boy and says “I can’t operate, he is my son.”
Errr..How can this be?
Still can’t figure out?
Here’s the answer: The surgeon was the boy’s mother!
Congratulations, if you had this in your mind. Sorry, if you didn’t. But before you find yourself stupid for not guessing something so easy, let us inform you that only about 10% of people get this riddle right.
The reason you didn’t find the answer was probably because you, like most of the people, didn’t assume the surgeon could also be a woman! The blame obviously goes to the stereotype we have with some positions and roles in the society.
This is an awesome ice-breaker-riddle for people when it comes to starting a talk on recruitment or diversity. Let’s just apply this theory to the leadership teams in an organization. Who are the leaders in your organization? What is their gender, age or nationality?
A number of studies indicate that there is a direct correlation between the diversity of your leadership team and your company’s productivity. For instance, this one study by ISS and proacteur (based on data collected by PwC) found that “Companies with the most diverse management teams have an operating profit margin of 12.6 percentage points more than the companies with the least diverse management teams”
Hence, in case you want to earn more, then one possibility to do this is to create diverse management team.
This doesn’t mean that you start laying off people to create a diversity quota. No. Just be open-minded and don’t allow gender, age, race or disability to limit you from seeing a person’s potential.
Glassdoor polled its active and passive job seekers to understand the importance of diversity in a recruitment process. As a result, they found: 67% of respondents in the survey found that diversity in the workplace is an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers.
Similarly, a Survey conducted in conjunction with the Victorian Equal Opportunity, Human Rights Commission, and Deloitte, revealed that diverse workplaces create workers happy.
Therefore, diversity is a major factor that can impact the overall culture of an organization, which results in happy employees, higher earnings, higher employee engagement and more success.
What is your experience with Diverse Workforce? Leave your comments, We are eager to learn your thoughts!

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