Clearing the misconceptions about Workplace Happiness

April 23, 2019 20 0 0

The most intrinsic part of producing your desired outcomes in a company is to keep your employees happy. No matter how well crafted your employee-engagement strategy might be, the easiest of the task will sound troublesome to employees that remain unhappy at a workplace.

We got in touch with many HR, L&Ds, and departments of similar profile to ask how they enhance this quotient that effects the ultimate success of their organization. Although brilliant with answers, we realized that there are a number of misconceptions that people still hold about “workplace happiness”. Perhaps the simplicity of the terms itself makes many assume that they know what workplace happiness really is all about. After a thorough investigation, we came up with a few findings which are quite important to bring to your notice before we go any further :

  • ”Happiness at work is all about having fun at work”

There may be fun activities at your office every other day. It might give you a kick, but is that joy sustainable enough? What about the days you have deadly meetings one after another? Sure, you aren’t going to find that fun!

  • ”When our employees come to office with a smile on their face”

So if you enter your office without a smile on your face, does it mean you aren’t happy? As long as you’re paid to put up with a smile, or you run a dental clinic, this point doesn’t prove feasible.

  • ”When employees give their best”

Are your employees meeting monthly targets at the cost of their family time? Give it a thought.

  • ”Workplace Happiness is all about Salary, Bonuses, and promotions”

Money really can’t buy happiness. The sooner you realize this, the better. Will you be happy if you’re given a bonus for just coming in an office, sitting and staring at the computer screen for 8 long hours?

  • ”Workplace Happiness is about doing something meaningful”

Sure you may create some meaning in your life by working for an NGO, without really getting an appropriate pay for it, but would that really be enough to be happy?

Do check out our next post to see what Workplace Happiness really is!

What is your take on workplace happiness? Do let us know in the comments below!

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