Happiness is a no laughing matter, says UAE’s Happiness Minister

April 23, 2019 12 0 0

The wave of happiness and well-being seems to catch up. After Madhya Pradesh implemented a Governmental Happiness Department, a declaration of a new federal cabinet In UAE was announced by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai. It included a new minister of state for Happiness, Ohood Al Roumi.

As per Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Minister of State for Happiness will have the responsibility to “align and drive government policy to create social good and satisfaction”.

A month after being elected, Ms. Roumi said that running a happiness program in a nation is no joke.

In an interview with CNN, she stated, “The role of the government is to create an environment where people can flourish – can reach their potential – and choose to be happy.”

According to Ms. Roumi, this was a serious business for UAE’s government. She further questioned the purposed of a government if it failed to keep its people happy”

“We have no intention as a government to impose happiness, or mandate it, or force it. We’re just doing the right thing for our people … so they can have a better life,” she added.

Ms. Ohood Al Roumi is the eighth female minister in the nation’s 29-member Cabinet. Her responsibilities include making UAE among the top five happiest countries in the world by 2021 by harmonizing all government plans, programs, and policies.

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