Happy Classes for government-run schools in Delhi

April 23, 2019 9 0 0

Early this year a sigh of relief by parents were heard throughout the capital of India. After ample cases of violence reported in schools, Delhi Government has introduced daily “happiness” classes in schools.

An activity-based happiness curriculum was launched in April (beginning of the new academic session) for classes Nursery to 8th.

The curriculum includes teachers creating an environment where students can share their feelings on issues such as peer pressure, exam pressure, expectations from family and bullying. This move is aimed to make the students more self-aware and content.

Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister, Manish Sisodia stated, “The purpose of education is not just to get high marks. The education system needs to create happier, confident and self-aware citizens. These self-aware citizens will create a better society,”

He added, “Over the last year we have had several requests to bring back moral education into the curriculum. But we want to start a happiness curriculum. It will not pertain to any religion or have any such references. It will be based on the science of happiness.”

The curriculum was prepared by the team of a directorate of education officials, and the evaluation of the activity-based subject will be done through a happiness index.

According to Mythili Bector, the officer on special duty working on the project, the idea is to create activities that will put teachers and students in particular situations which help students learn.

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