Shocked by recent reports, UK appoints a Minister for Loneliness

April 23, 2019 8 0 0

While UAE, India, Bhutan and many other countries have focused on creating more national happiness by implementing governmental bodies to minister them, UK has adopted a different route towards its country’s well-being.

In January 2018, Prime Minister Theresa May appointed a Minister for Loneliness. The candidacy has been appointed to Ms. Tracey Crouch, the Minister for Sport and Civil Society, who pledged to work across the political spectrum and with campaigners and businesses to make significant progress in “defeating loneliness.”

The move came in after a report by the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness was published in 2017. According to the report, more than nine million people in the country often or always feel lonely.

“For far too many people, loneliness is the sad reality of modern life,” May said in a statement, according to The New York Times. “I want to confront this challenge for our society and for all of us to take action to address the loneliness endured by the elderly, by carers, by those who have lost loved ones — people who have no one to talk to or share their thoughts and experiences with.”

As for Ms. Crouch, she wrote in The Times after her appointment: “My challenge is to coordinate a strategy, one that crosses government, business, charities and many other partners — one that lasts a generation. This will not happen overnight and is no easy task but I am up for the challenge.”

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